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It is a relatively new experience for the Board to support a Conference in an area so closely linked to applications and technology.I am therefore very pleased to see such a good response to the initiative of Professor Scannicchio and his local Organizing Committee under Professor Zenoni's Chairmanship.The radiation hardness of the silicon sensors is essential to withstand the high neutron fluence to be encountered near the interaction point.The structure of the sensors is explained in a second section.The Organisers take thos opportunity to thank the University of Pavia, the Amministrazione Comunale di Pavia and the Provincia di Pavia, as well as all exhibitors (Ametek, Ansaldo Superconduttori, Caen, Else, Hamamatsu, IBA, Micos, Micron Semiconductor), for their support of the Conference.The Organisers finally wish to thank the Scientific Secretary of the Conference, Dr Andrea Fontana of INFN Pavia, for the huge amount of work done in preparing the Conference, Mr Claudio Casella of the Department of Nuclear and Theoretical Physics of the University of Pavia for technical support and the Conference staff, Dr Gaia Boghen and the graduate students Federica Devecchi and Silvia Franchino, for their invaluable help.

Some of the paradigms emerging from the study of the phenomena of phase transitions in finite many-body systems, like e.g.Elections by members of the Division are held if there is competition for a vacancy, which is announced in Europhysics News. There are usually two per year, but this year there are three.More details of most of these activities can be found on our web site, which includes information about all the meetings we sponsor, our prizes and minutes of Board Meetings.I would like to take this opportunity to say a few words about the EPS Nuclear Physics Board.The Board consists of 18 people (10 elected plus up to 10 co-opted) from across Europe, with me as Chair. Divisional Scientific Meetings of which this is one.

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Also to design non-conventional drugs which do not create resistance (do not induce mutations in the virus or bacteria expressing the protein).